How To Create Synchronistic Wealth, Abundance, and ‘Good Luck’ by Harnessing the Power of Sacred Ceremony and Embracing the New Paradigm

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How would your life be different if you could live in constant flow, rather than struggling financially?

How would your life be different if you could instantly tap into prosperity, and see it manifest in your reality?

How would it feel to know you’re in charge of your financial destiny?

How would it feel to go from struggle to flow?

“All I can say is that I’m in awe at how things have changed in such a short time. I have doubled my income, I have more opportunities career wise than I know what to do with and my body is feeling awesome again. Thank you so much Mindy!”


Toronto, Canada

Manifesting prosperity without strategy DOES NOT WORK anymore.

I know it is frustrating to try and try again, without seeing significant results.

ALIGNMENT is more necessary than ever to see your prosperity flow. Not just alignment with what you are doing or your purpose, but alignment above and below. Where the universe’s infinite potential mixes with the creative energies of the earth.

The energies on this planet are changing, and the way you manifest has to change with it.

“As an energy healer myself, I’ve had a lot of work done, and learned from so many other healers. Trust me when I say Mindy is top notch. She deeply is gifted, and I feel so blessed to have had this experience with her.”


Florida, United States

If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, it’s not your fault.

If you feel like your finances have fallen apart, then it’s time to make a change.

Most manifesting gurus want you to think you can simply shift your mindset and everything will happen (leaving you wondering why it’s not working), but it’s not true.


“I listened to the recording for the second time today and I unexpectedly received $900! This is huge to me! HUGE! I never just make that kind of money. To me, this is proof that I’m on the right healing path and that this course is working!”

“I listened to the recording for the second time today and I unexpectedly received $900! This is huge to me! HUGE! I never just make that kind of money. To me, this is proof that I’m on the right healing path and that this course is working!”


California, United States

We are going through a massive paradigm shift. 

The rules and tricks of the past are no longer valid. 

Instead of suffering, it’s time to upgrade.

“It was amazinggggg, and I really noticed a shift in my energy that I felt for days afterwards. Three random and unexpected checks in the mail later, I’m a believer!”


Florida, United States

Maybe you think something is off… If you just did a little more internal work, everything would snap into place again…

Maybe you’re tired of all the churn…

Maybe everything that used to work just doesn’t anymore, and it is SO FRUSTRATING!

Maybe you wish you could just find an easier way…

Yes, I want an easier way!

I know how you feel.

I used to create almost everything I desired, on demand.
More money? You got it.
The perfect life living in tropical paradise? Yep, manifested.
5 hour work weeks and earning six figures? Easy.
Until it all fell apart.My manifesting tricks stopped working. Everything I knew to be true about how the Universe worked was proven false. I felt stuck, alone, and not sure what to do.
Until it happened. I had to get out of my own way and WAKE UP.
In full surrender, I sat down with my notebook and started to channel from my Akashic Records. What was truly going on? Why was this happening? Where do I go from here?
Everything has shifted.We have entered a new paradigm. 
One where the tricks of the past no longer work.
Where we’re being asked (or forced!) to live in alignment with our soul’s essence, with the energies of the earth, with the universal consciousness and flow.
Where healing and self reflection are not optional, but necessary.
Where prosperity is even more of a reflection of our internal alignment than ever before.
Where self-discovery and integrity with our souls is ONLY way forward.
Balance, wholeness, co-creating with the Divine is the only way.

This new paradigm has already started.

It was once I discovered the shift in Universal order that everything started to come together.

The income came back.
Innovation and creativity returned.
I went from struggle back to FLOW.

Harnessing this new energy and balance around prosperity is what I am here to teach you.

Yes! I’m ready for the shift!

“Even from a distance Mindy was able to create the right space and guidance for me to go deep within and start exploring some strong emotional knots that had been seemingly buried for many years.”


Los Angeles, California, United States

I know I’m not the only person to go through this – the income sources of the entire world are shifting.
I feel it is my duty to aid the world through this change in consciousness, one person at at time.
For each life that is changed has a compounding effect on the consciousness of the planet.
I am here to serve YOU.

WOW WOW WOW – thank you from the bottom of my heart! Of course you know this is soooooooo right on for everything I am feeling as well as cognizant, but of course you give me pause to HEAR my truth. Beautiful. I can not thank you enough.”


Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Dimensions of Prosperity is a 44 day course for spiritual people that want to manifest financial prosperity, shift into the new paradigm, and live a life of flow and constant co-creation.

Including 44 sacred soul-money attunements, teaching classes, journal prompts, and ceremonial plant medicines, Dimensions of Prosperity will jumpstart your journey to financial abundance.

“I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude once more. Thank you for such a spiritually uplifting time. I feel whole. The hump I have had on my back (the weight I’ve been carrying since a young age) is gone! I do not doubt your magic. I do not doubt myself. I never thought that a ceremony of such love with the guidance of you would get rid of my arched hump.”


California, United States

Dimensions of Prosperity is about aligning each area of your body and being to financial abundance.
No longer can you focus on just one area (like your chakras or mindset). In order for one area to work, all must be functioning.

“I feel like a ton of weight has been lifted, and I’ve really been beaming from it!”


California, United States

Unlike other courses that teach you “visualize and it will come” without changing anything internally or externally, Dimensions of Prosperity actually shifts you into financial alignment, and gives you the tools to keep upleveling as you grow. 

“It is absolutely amazing how Mindy guides you through these shifts!! In the last month, I’ve received the job opportunities I’ve been dreaming about for years!”



Dimensions of Prosperity will dramatically reduce the amount of time and struggle it takes to get into a positive financial flow, jumpstart (or re-start) your magnetic attraction, and quickly help you to feel at ease with your life.

Yes, I want Dimensions of Prosperity!

“I started doing the meditations and the day after the first chakra two potential clients got in touch with me out of the blue. The second chakra one made me cry and cough and cry so it was surely working! The third chakra one was beautiful and powerful too! This course is sooo good!”




44 Sacred Soul-Money Attunements (value $333 each):

Energetic Body

  • Root chakra
  • ​Sacral chakra
  • ​Solar plexus
  • ​Heart chakra
  • ​Throat chakra
  • ​Third Eye
  • ​Crown
  • 15 chakra alignment
  • ​Energy leaks
  • Energ​etic cords and attachments
  • ​Soul loss

Physical Body

  • Brain detox (overthinking)
  • ​Lung detox (sadness)
  • ​Reproductive organs (creation)
  • ​Liver (anger)
  • ​Kidneys (shame)
  • ​Adrenals (depletion)
  • Heart (soul’s essence)
  • ​Intestines
  • ​Spinal activation
  • ​Nervous system reboot
  • ​DNA upgrade

Universal Abundance

  • Infinite expansion
  • ​Higher self
  • ​Life purpose
  • ​Freedom blocks
  • ​Financial trauma timeline
  • ​​Karmic knots
  • ​Call it in
  • ​God box
  • ​The BIG picture
  • ​Go to glow
  • ​Universal consciousness

Earth Connection

  • Collective consciousness
  • Ancestral patterns
  • Digital detox
  • ​Grounding
  • ​Meet Gaia
  • ​Home clearing
  • ​Expand time
  • ​Plant seeds
  • Support
  • ​Three fears
  • Hidden in plain sight

Sacred Plant Medicines:

Plant medicines are the most impactful, fastest way to come into alignment with yourself, the earth, and the flow of prosperity available to you. You will receive:

Ceremonial Cacao
($79 value)

  • 1 pound Guatemalan Ceremonial Cacao
  • ​1 pound Costa Rican Ceremonial Cacao

Ceremonial Cacao
($163 value)

  • Vine-Only Ayahuasca Tincture

Essential Oils for the Chakras ($150 value)

  • Sacral: Wild Orange
  • Root: Black Spruce
  • Solar Plexus: Lemon
  • Heart: Juniper Berry
  • Throat: Lavender
  • Third Eye: Clary Sage
  • Crown: Cypress

Sacred Teachings:

Learn exactly how to come into alignment with the flow of prosperity available to you. Gain a deep understanding of plant medicines. Become a master of shifting your energy and creating money on demand.

Create an IMPACT beyond yourself…

One of my big missions in this lifetime is to help reforest the Amazon Rainforest and protect the animals from extinction. As part of this course, TWELVE trees will be planted in your name in the Peruvian Amazon. You will receive a certificate upon completion of this planting. Together, we can create an immense impact in the Amazon!

The total value of Sacred Synchronicity is $15,044.
Now, obviously I’m not going to charge you this much for the course…

You’ll receive all of this for only $1997!

Receive instant access to all digital content.
Your sacred plant medicines will be mailed.

“You and your healings have helped me transform so many patterns in such profound ways, and the recordings are a stroke of genius. They are just as profound, if not more, because you can actually be present and listen at your pace and take in what you need to take in, or pause when you need to pause. It’s AMAZING. You are one of the most powerful healers I know.”


California, United States

This is for people who:

  • ​Are passionate about self-discovery and their soul’s journey
  • ​Are tired of struggling (no matter where they are at)
  • ​Are willing to do the internal work to make an external change
  • ​Are ready and willing to embrace the sacred
  • ​Enjoy receiving
  • ​LOVE MONEY!!!

This is not for people who:

  • ​Hate money
  • ​Deep down don’t care about their spiritual growth and evolution
  • ​Prefer to complain rather than change things
Yes, I’m in!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

100% No Risk Promise

You have nothing to lose. Dimensions of Prosperity will work if you do it. All you have to do is listen/participate with the content, and do the work, and if you decide the program doesn’t work within the first 30 days of receiving your digital content we will refund your money (less the cost of the plant medicines mailed to you – $392)

Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me more about Ceremonial Cacao
Cacao (unprocessed chocolate) is a beautiful plant that enhances the spiritual benefits of the work you are already doing. It energetically opens your heart space, enhances creativity and focus, and allows you to go deeper in your meditation and healing. As a bonus, it is one of the healthiest foods on the planet! You will receive instructions on how to prepare it.

Tell me more about the Indigenous Plant Medicine tinctures…
Vine Only Ayahuasca (no DMT, legal in the US). Ayahuasca is a master teacher plant. She is one of the most fierce, impactful healers in the Amazon jungle. By working with vine only Ayahuasca, you connect to the heart, the soul, the wisdom, and the healing of the plant, without any hallucinogenic effects. CLARITY is the biggest benefit of this plant.

Tell me more about the Essential Oils for the chakras…
Each chakra has a specific frequency that resonates with certain essential oils. In this course we will use essential oils to heal and align the chakras. The oils can go on the physical part of the body (for example, the heart), or can be diffused. They aid in opening, aligning, and clearing. They allow the attunements to go deeper when working in conjunction with the healing aspects of this course. You will receive doTERRA essential oils.

What is the New Paradigm?
A new wave of energy has entered our planet, and everything that isn’t in alignment with this higher frequency has to fall away. Most people will cling to the old ways, which causes chaos. When in alignment with this new energy, life will be lived with ease, joy and synchronistic events around every corner.

How does the course work?
The digital content of the course will be available starting January 1st 2021, or earlier. The course will be held on a membership site, which you will have a private login to access. You will receive your Plant Medicine Box in the mail in December (tracking numbers will be sent upon shipping).

How do the healing transmissions and energetic activations work?
The healing transmissions are energetically programmed to release blocks from your body and being, and activate your energy to a higher level. Once you turn on the recording, the energy starts flowing. You may feel sensations in your body, see visualizations, sense intuitive guidance, or not feel anything. Either way, it is working! You can repeat the healings as many times as you like. Each time you listen, the energy goes deeper, peeling back layers.

What energies are you drawing on for the ceremonies and activations/transmissions?
Mindy primarily works with Plant Spirit Medicine. This is the most powerful form of energy healing available on earth today. By working with energies that are also on earth in the physical form (plants), you are able to heal and embody the frequency at a much higher level than with other energy healing sources. All content is created by accessing these frequencies inside the Akashic Records.

How much time do I need to dedicate to this course?
You will get out of the course what you put into in. Each soul-money attunement lasts between 10-30 minutes. This is the minimum time required to get results (44 attunements total). To go deeper, meditate, journal, let go of what isn’t serving you, and take inspired action. The amount of time this takes is up to you.

What if Dimensions of Prosperity isn’t for me?
No problem, this work is not for everyone. Simply email within 30 days and ask for a refund, no questions asked.

How long do I have access to this course?
You have lifetime access, meaning for as long as Mindy is alive and available to maintain the course.

“Thanks again for the beautiful activation yesterday. Lots of messages coming through overnight not to mention abundance flowing to me in the form of checks, cash and new clients booking plus previous clients taking new interest. Woohoo!”


Massachusetts, United States

Dimensions of Prosperity is easy, all you have to do is listen to the soul-money attunements and let the energy do the work.
You don’t have time to keep struggling as the paradigm and energy of the earth changes, leaving you behind.
You don’t have time to try to recreate your life after everything falls apart – you need to be ahead of the curve.
This is your life to live, NOW. At its fullest. With the Divine support to make all your dreams a reality.

I want Dimensions of Prosperity!

“Mindy West is the BEST. Her mindset shifts are probably responsible for about $50K in my business. IF YOU DO NOT TAKE HER UP ON THIS YOU MUST HATE MONEY.”


Washington, United States